Giving Back

“Happiness doesn’t result from what we get, but from what we give.”

I truly believe in paying my blessings forward so GIVING is a core value and the foundation of The Mindful Maverick. So much so, I’ve built it right into my business model because.

Enroll in any Mindful Maverick program and I will sponsor a child in need on your behalf (through ChildFund).

I’m grateful beyond words for trusting me with your vision, hopes and dreams so I’m paying it forward – making sure a little one gets the safety, nourishment, clothing and education it deserves. All in the hopes that one day, he or she will live their vision, hopes and dreams too!

“Children are great imitators. So give them something great to imitate.”

Meet the children we’ve sponsored this month….plus the stories behind the Mavericks who chose them.

Abi, age 6, Indonesia. Sponsored on behalf of Rochelle.

Read Rochelle’s Maverick Story Below!

Getting her Passion Project Off The Ground (Finally!) Rochelle is a kick-butt copywriter and creator of Rock Paper Word. And while she’s enjoying much success professionally, her heart was yearning for time to lead a soul-filled writing group that helps creative writers who want to dust off the cobwebs and get back into their craft….but she wasn’t clear how to fit that into an overflowing schedule filled with copywriting and taking care of her children. So we built an action plan together to make this dream a reality. Enter: Write And Bite – a creative writing workshop including dinner that Rochelle hosts after her work day and the kids are fed.

Ricardo, age 8, Mexico. Sponsored on behalf of Sarah.

Read Sarah’s Maverick Story Below!

Clarified Her Vision. Sarah walked into my office saying she wanted to establish her health coaching brand. However, after 5 minutes of speaking with her, it became clear that Sarah wanted to really get paid for writing. So,we crafted a plan around her true heart’s desire. Now she gets paid to write health and nutrition articles and has a flexible profession that gives her time to spend with her energetic toddler.
Kthelly, age 6, Brazil. Sponsored on behalf of Joao.

Read Joao’s Maverick Story Below!

Established Himself As an Expert in An Authentic Way. Joao had a vision – he wanted to move beyond “just” being a yoga instructor to having his own branded movement method, teacher training program and worldwide workshops. In Joao’s vision, he wanted to be hosting workshops in Brazil (his home country) within a very short period of time. So we focused on that and created a plan to roll out in three stages. Stage 1: Fill up Workshops in Brazil 2: Upon Return, Re-brand and refresh website Stage 3: Create online BASA Method teacher training course and expand workshop offerings. Joao is currently in Brazil hosting his workshops!
Cristofher, age 6, Mexico. Sponsored on behalf of Jennifer.

Read Jennifer’s Maverick Story Below!

Created a high converting opt-in. Jennifer is a top rated functional nutritionist specializing in gluten-free nutrition and lifestyle. I took the great products/programs she already had in place, repackaged them with a killer opt-in and grew her subscriber list by 3000+ in one day. Her new opt-in also provided immediate passive income generation. The initial email sold 266 of her Gluten-Free Rescue Kits overnight and she enjoys ongoing newsletter subscriber and income growth from this high-converting opt-in.

Angel, age 6, Mexico. Sponsored on behalf of Lisa

Read Lisa’s Maverick Story Below!

Product Development & Distribution. Lisa is a high-level lifestyle coach. She wanted to expand her business to include high quality, hand-crafted products but she had no idea how to launch, produce or distribute her product line. So she reached out for a custom plan for doing just that. Through my personal network of connections, I was able to provide her with a low-cost distribution system and organize her production process for efficiency. In the upcoming months, she will be launching a newly branded website with both her product and service offerings and will be distributing her products worldwide.